We love adventures and strongly believe that car trips could be almost as convenient as staying at hotels. Moreover, you receive the best experience when you discover nature. We couldn’t afford to buy a camper as an additional vehicle, so we opted to travel with our ordinary cars like Jeep Wrangler or Toyota RAV4. But this way was difficult and lacked habitual urban amenities including restful sleeping, cooking fresh hot meals, and washing in the mornings and evenings. We contemplated how car journeys could be more comfortable – and at this moment Wheels & Feels was born.

Our factory is situated in Houston, Texas. We use domestic materials that minimize carbon footprint and guarantee quality and fair conditions of production. We are trying to be sustainable and keep in mind minimizing ecological impact, following high production standards, and employees’ rights. Each of our products is designed in a special way to decrease the waste of wooden materials.

To maximize convenience, our products are made specifically for each car. Using 3D scan technologies, we’ve produced car accessories that fit ideally for a specific vehicle. Thereby each inch of your trunk space is used rationally.

We are huge fans of space organization. Most cars don't have elaborate storage systems by default. Stressed out whenever we moved electronic devices, dishes, houseplants, fruits, vegetables, and other fragile items, we thought about a  system to get rid of these anxieties. Furthermore, we faced difficulties in arranging things while moving. The Wheels & Feels has solved all these issues. Our products are essential for vehicles and help you travel and use your car in everyday life with joy and maximum convenience!